The Painted Friendship

November 16, 2011
Our friendship was like art work;
We always painted inside the lines.
But then we fell apart with one quick jerk,
And we were separated with no warning signs.

You painted me with your treason;
Had me replaced within a day.
You betrayed me for no logical reason.
You led us to our decay.

The paint has long since turned into pain
And unlike on a paintbrush, it can not be washed away.
This paint shall forever remain a stain;
A constant reminder of how our friendship ran astray.
No fallout can be one sided, you claim.
According to you I was the one to betray.
You say that I am the true one at blame,
And that I caused the entire fray.

The paint of our friendship is now chipped away.
The lines have long since been painted outside of.
No one truly knows what caused the fray;
Only that there is no longer any love.

We seemed to have been pulled apart magically…
Maybe this painted friendship was always destined to end tragically.

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