Waiting Patiently

April 22, 2008
Waiting, patiently as the days pass by,
Hoping maybe eventually everything will unfold.
Dreaming of contentment and fulfillment,
Hoping my dreams someday would become reality.
Remembering times when a smile was a million words,
Hoping someday I too would smile that way.
Pacing through my room anxiously,
Hope informing me that one day happiness would come my way.

Waiting for the phone to light up,
Hoping that it would contain what I wished to read.
Dreaming of times when a single look meant more,
Hoping that those times would return to my life.
Remembering thoughts that I once had,
Hoping for happiness and so much more,
Pacing back and forth, knowing that it was
Hope who told me my prayer would be answered.

Waiting for a time of misfortune and triumph,
Hoping that it would bring reality to the eyes of the transgressor.
Dreaming of malevolence and terrible occurrences,
Hoping that it was this way I actually felt.
Remembering the agony I had endured,
Hoping for a cause that I knew was absurd.
Pacing through my mind was realization that it was
Hope that had brought this pain to my life

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