A Day on the Course

April 22, 2008
By Brenden Heil, Bath, NY

I load up my clubs in the back of my car,
In hopes that today I might shoot par.
My mind drifts to grasses green,
I think of my golf game, man is it mean.

Hole number 1 was slightly sub-par,
I slice it pretty bad and pegged a parked car.
Hole number 2 really was poor,
I hit a bad shot and had to yell “Fore!”

By the noonday meal I was on the back nine,
I had luckily settled in now and was doing just fine.
The 10th hole was a good one indeed,
Everyone shot triple bogies while I pee’d.

Hole 13 was a boatload of fun,
A clink of my driver, and a sweet hole in one.
My hole in one was the highlight without a doubt,
Finishing the hole without even breaking the putter out.

On tee box 15 our cart broke down,
We threw our clubs on our back and continued without frown.
The demise of the machine is still unknown,
But by green 17 we were back in the zone.

My peers showing of golf today sure was lame,
But who can blame them when I’m so good at this game.
Now it is time for me to head home with a bound,
And rest up for tomorrows whole new round.

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