In the Beginning

April 22, 2008
By Kathleen Dickinson, Bath, NY

In the beginning
There was sunshine.
The love of a family;
As well as a friend that is true.
I never imagined she would leave me.
Though in my heart I knew.
The friend that once was started to change.
A withering rose.
Losing the spark she once had.

For a while I had hope.
Believed she’d get it back.
It was inevitable though;
Her day was coming fast.
The doctors told us everything.
Now there was no denying.

As her life started to slip away.
The light began to drain from her eyes.
Nothing could be done.
God’s will was an unstoppable power.
Moving ever forward.
A train with unending tracks.
Never looking back.
I knew then;
That is what I had to do.

Never look back on;
The pain I felt.
The tears that were shed.
The unrelenting storm.
That passed with fury;
No mercy to be had.

In the end there was heartache.
The loss of a friend.
Never could I have her back.
She was gone.
Lost forever.
The sun had set,
Never to rise again.

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