April 21, 2008
By Remy Klamer, Dallas, TX

I was a first grader, as happy as can be
When I first heard the news.
It made no sense to a child like me.
I wondered, “Who will I chose?”

I hid in my room with a tear-stained face,
Finally discovering what my life would soon mean.
My dad was the one I knew I would chase,
And I asked myself, “Will my life ever be ‘clean?’”

Changing houses every night,
My mind wandered out of sight,
And I asked God, “How long will I be able to fight
Before I go to sleep at night?”

Now that I’m 14 years old
I may be able to choose who I live with is what I’m told
My warm gentle heart becoming confused and cold
My heart is something that I sold

Understanding if I choose who to live with that
My parents have to go to court while I sit
And think about my choice of change;
My heart felt caught in a cage

And worrying that who I rejected would never be able to find forgiveness

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