April 21, 2008
By Ana Labellarte, Plainfield, IL

Brave, but scared at times.
She's perfect, someone I can't define.
Loose, not serious at all.
She's someone to have fun with.
What can I say?
She's indescribable.
She's pretty, talented and caring.
She takes the words right out of my mouth.
With her head down,
She sometimes frowns.
With her head up high,
She shows hope.
The way she walks,
It shows boldness.
The way she talks when she's sad,
Describes how much shes been hurt.
The way she talks with so much happiness in her voice,
Blows everyone away.
No one can bring her down,
Whenever I'm around.
The way she hugs you,
You feel like there's no harm in the world,
You feel at peace.
She's unwritten.
Whenever I'm sad,
I look at her and smile.
When I feel like the whole world is crashing down and I'm falling,
I remember the way she says it's alright,
And all of a sudden,
The world goes back together.
Just like puzzle pieces.
Except they aren't just pieces,
They are pieces of my life.
She's the one girl that can put them together.
She is what she is.
And that I just can't describe...
She's indescribable.

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