April 21, 2008
By Aliyah Gafoor, McDonough, GA

As the storm clouds thunder in
the global war, hatred will win
As the city streets fill
humanity loses their free will
As the anger of millions simmer
heaven's light gets even dimmer
As gunshots fill the night
flashes of red & blue cause many fright

As the little kids scream and cry
they watch their parents slowly die
As our life force simply teeters
blood couldn't taste any sweeter
As the blaring sirens scream and wail
their rigid bodies grow more pale
As regret digs its own grave
no one, at this point, can be saved

If any person could take the time
To give the poor just one dime
If people could step out of stereotypes
Showing people gossip's no hype
If our world could live in peace
All the fighting would definitely cease

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