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November 4, 2011
By MonteGallo BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
MonteGallo BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
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If I cannot find a way, I'll make one.

The original view of the blazing division has been lessened
To where people take away from it and all of its lessons
I can only dream of these times, descriptively envisioned
It’s only bad that I can’t live in the moments as if they were sessions

I remember the days as kids, playing in the streets
Dancing randomly as our imaginary music became in-tune with our heartbeats
The “melting” feelings from the heat, almost made us want to retreat
To where it was cool and the perfect conditions made us feel complete

I can still see the times where the children wanted to be adults
Saying something where we didn’t have maturity was a high insult
But time passed like a plane, no more time to consult
And now we miss it & look back to past, which was the result

I loved the times where our imaginations would run wild
When we even had the innocent look of a child, which lasted for a thousand miles
From thinking of what it would be like to be another’s stepchild
To when we would have a family to own, that’s when I most smiled

Making friends was so easy; you would have one in a snap
Friends that you would be so fond of as to share with them a nap
But now, the way we are treated by the loose term “friend”, is like a deathtrap
And family bonds are weaker to the point where you want to scrap
Youth was my ice cream back then, and I have become addicted
Reminiscing about when sky was dark and the stars were in lighted
And about the pain of when our parents whipped us, a hundred countless times
Still the common passion for summer has and never will be doubted

Anywhere was fun, as long as we didn’t have to keep our playing at bay
Having fun to the fullest, hoping the sky wouldn’t turn gray
Our stress levels were low, they never lasted a day
Our marriages during these times didn’t have the chance to decay
Things were so amazing back then, all I have to say

This glorious occasion has forever touched our souls
We all wish we could go back and replay our role
But if you want to see it again, memory lane is the only possible loophole
That we can take a stroll down and have our mentality in control

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