Cycle, Pressure, Guilt Sonnet, Procrastination, and My Turn

April 20, 2008
By Jackie Katz, New York, NY

The cycle.
Childhood, teenager, college, graduate school, career.
Why not
Why not
Freedom to choose where the mind wishes to flee.
Why not
Freedom to go where the heart desires to be.

I am given two choices, both of which I don’t wish,
A doctor or lawyer.
Like those are the only career paths that lie ahead.

The cycle of destruction
Destruction of our souls
This structured way of living
Has taken its toll.

Pressure to be something you’re not
Pressure to be able to do everything
Pressure to be what society expects
Pressure to be what you expected

Pressure to be at the top of the pack
Pressure to do better than your peers
Pressure to appear smarter than you are
Pressure to hide your greatest fears

Pressure to succeed, pressure to thrive
Pressure to make money, but pressure to be happy
Pressure to have babies, pressure to fall in love
But pressure to have a career, pressure to go above

Pressure to go to school, pressure to make good friends
Pressure to go out to parties, pressure to follow trends
Pressure to have a 4.0, yet pressure to be in a popular crowd
And pressure to do drugs or pressure to punk out.

I cannot help but think and feel this way,
I try so hard to push the feeling back
But sometimes it is hard for me to play,
When I think about all the things they lack.
I try to let myself have a good time
But when I think of those who cannot dine
Or those who have not even got a dime
It’s hard for me to act like its just fine.
I think about those I might like to help,
Those people cannot wait tons of more time
I have to take initiative myself.
When we might sit to a five-course repast,
Some in the world need help, they need it fast.

When I have something that must be finished,
I have trouble—my mind likes to wander.
I want to watch TV, eat a sandwich
Sing a song or look at the moon up yonder.
I like to live my life in the moment.
I cannot finish in one sitting,
I become antsy, feel my feet moving
Taking me to where I really want to be.

The same person gets to win

And shine.
The same person gets the part, wins the race, gets the A plus

And it looks great.
For once I want to succeed.
Be recognized for what

I do.
I do
The same things
I audition for the part.
I run that race.
I study for an A.
But it doesn’t work

Why can’t the world

Spread its glory.
So I can shine
Tell my story.
Its our turn, the overlooked must rise.
Its our time,
We must realize
That every time we are in the shadows
We must come together and take away that cloud of glory
For the always-winning elite.

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