Worlds Collide

November 9, 2011
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I want to go back to the days when I had no fear
There were no reasons for me to shed a tear
My heart was full my head was empty
I never had to worry about time there was plenty
I cannot count all the adventures I had on just one hand
And the greatest part was everything always went as planned
My hopes were high my disappointment low
I always had such a glow

Sadly those days are over now
And I just lay back and wonder how
The times have changed nothing is innocent anymore it’s all just a game
Everyone always angry looking for someone else to blame
Tension is always thick in the air
I don’t understand why it just doesn’t seem fair
To have once been in a world so sweet
When even the little things in life were such a treat
Then in the blink of an eye I was thrown
Into the mysterious unknown.

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