This Cold Feeling in My Heart

April 19, 2008
By Maher Alexis, Brooklyn, NY

This cold feeling in my heart
This confusion in my mind
things I should have said that I didn’t
Stays with till this day

not knowing what to do
For the first time
I am 15 but feeling like 30 cause this
Pain took the toil on me
With an emptiness in my life
And a hole in my heart
is there any one that can fill this hole
I don’t make promises I can’t keep but you the one that i need
Ill make u a promise that well last a life time
Where only you belong

SLJ brings a lot of pain, drama, and sorrow but it also brought
Happiness I remember every moment I spent.
But no one knew all the pain I seen u go through but me. i see the little things when
People are looking for the big things.
Every time u said u, hate me.
But I knew you loved me the most
But we kissed I all there was silence, &
Clouds; I remember thinking to my self is this heaven

There are nights I wake up thinking was my day a dream
And wishing you were here
There is something that keeps me holding on -
but its my time to let go.
I am watching you make the wrong move but I have to let
You do wrong cause if I don’t how well you know
But when you said it’s over, I kiss you and say I love you
And walk away with out turning
Cause if I don’t u won’t remember
You won’t remember how you feel for me.
I do this to keep you missing. Keep you missing me.
Each day I see what I did
Eats you up inside. But I won’t say anything because it’s for the good.
“you know what you want the most till you lose it”

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