Pig's Point of View

April 19, 2008
By Alyssa Rothschild, New City, NY

Why I am not loved,
I really need to ask
Is it because I'm just a pointless pig
not a dog, or a cat?

Why can't I receive love?
Why can’t I get cuddled and kissed?
Because I’m really starting to think that no one loves a pig,

Why do dogs and cats live in houses?
Get to sleep on beds
Cozy in people’s arms
While I am stuck in side this pen

Why am killed?
Don’t I feel too?
Can’t you hear my squeals of joy and pain?
Can’t you hear me screaming “I want to love you?”

Why am I food,
when your dog is your loyal best friend,
people scream when a dog is mistreated,
no one winces at the gun held up to my head

All I ever wanted was to be loved,
All I wanted was a friend
I wanted to be free to roam
but you took it all away…
You killed me instead.

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