My Dad and Me

April 18, 2008
By mark cornett, Mt.Washington, KY

The phone rang ring ring ring.
It was my dad he asked me if I wanted to go to the Carl Casper car show.
He was as clear as glass, like a bullet out of a gun I said “yes.”
After that my papal took me to my dads work.
So after he got off work we went to the car show.
We also went to get an autograph from Rey Mysterio he is a world wrestling entertainment wrestler.
My dad and I stood in line for three hours.
Our legs were super tired.
When we got to the stage it was like bricks got lifted off my chest.
And there it was my dad smiling.
It was like a second Christmas.
Then we got the autograph.
My dad took a picture of Rey and me.
Them we walked a round and saw some very cool cars.
After we got done there we went home and watched TV.
That day I will always remember as the day my dad was like a kid.

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