Looking In

April 18, 2008
Looking in, in my grandmas eyes
I see millions of windows, big window,
small windows, tiny windows,
and huge door windows,
looking through all of them I see me,
the first window I see my mother and my grandma
rocking a baby back and forth calling her “Felicia”
and saying she is so cute such a calm
baby she is and she is going to be
elegant like your sister is,
The next window is me swinging back and forth in my baby swing
In all of those windows is me growing up into the young woman I am today
The one person in all those windows is my grandma
always there
always holding me close to her heart
In the future she is there
I can’t see it but I can feel it
when I am close enough to hear her heart beat it tells me just how much she loves me
She says she loves me but can’t explain more
than that
Being close to my grandma means the world to me

and whatever we do together our hearts touch

when apart our hearts still touch

as if we were side by side,

until I hear the phone go

ring, ring again

her heart will go on.

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