Life on Chappy

April 18, 2008
By caleb enos, Edgartown, MA

Life on Chappy
sure is happy

When ever you want a rubber band sandwich they make it snappy
if you don’t believe me ask my pappy

He’s been living there for 22 years of his life
and 16 years with his wife

Pap fixes boats that should float on the sea
and speaking of the sea look at me

All pruned and wrinkly
as you can clearly see

I love to swim
If I swam even more I would sprout a fin

Chappy was peaceful til I came along
After I came
peace was gone

Then my sister came
and let me tell you mister
peace came back

but let me tell you jack
she took him out like a sack

we have not heard from him since
and Now I’m the Prince!


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