The Flip

April 18, 2008
By madison holland, Mt. Washington, KY

My dad and I were waiting to ride my greatest fear;
An upside down roller coaster!
When it was our turn, I sat down and my dad sat down beside me.
I squeezed his hand and the ride started.
I heard the “Click, Click, Click”, then it dropped.
I thought that I was going to die!
When we came up to the first flip,
I thought that the track was going to eat me!
I felt all the cool summer air rush past me.
I was a bird, Flying in the sky.
I smelt the sweat running off my face.
I saw all the tiny people walking around below us.
I felt like a giant to all the tiny people on the ground.
When I looked over at my dad he was laughing;
While I was scared out of my skin!
I was screaming, shouting,
And scared to death all at the same time!
When the horror was all over I puked then said,
” Let’s ride it again!”
But my parents said,” No.”
So I rode it later and was not scared and felt fine.

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