The Pits of Hell

November 3, 2011
By Josip BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Josip BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Every time I sit down,
And stare at this paper,
My mind goes blank,
My hand turns to ice,

I shut down.

As I stare into this paper,
I feel as if I’m staring into,
The pits of hell.

I’ve never been a good writer,
When a teacher gives me a paper,
And tells me to do my best,
All I see,
Is the big fat F
on my paper,
I immediately know,
I’m going to fail.
Like Pinocchio getting eaten by the whale
I don’t even give myself a chance.

This is looking kind of dreadful,
I guess it’s not that bad,
Since you’re still reading,
Well I’ll be…
I’m still here,
Cept’ now instead of staring,
I’m writing on this paper,
It’s amazing, I feel as if,

I’ve conquered the pits of hell.

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