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November 17, 2011
By KatWoods BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
KatWoods BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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Si j'etais un revolutionnaire …
If I was a revolutionary …
I lean back in my chair, staring at my paper
As the watery winter sun trickles through the window
(les rayons de soleil)
I wonder how much time we have left
Before all the light is cold
Not enough to waste on French assignments
A list of random words
I'm supposed to somehow arrange into a poem
Practically by definition
Supposed to be deep and meaningful
I don't feel deep and meaningful
I feel tired
And maybe sad
I've spent the day arguing with classmates
Wondering why I can't seem to catch his eye
Counting down the seconds until the bell releases us
A billion years this earth's been spinning
So why does this matter?
One grade
In one class
In one life
It's really nothing, I think
But I can't help caring
I balance the pencil on my lip
Like a yellow wood cigar
If I was a revolutionary …
I lean forward, and begin to write.

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on Dec. 2 2011 at 4:35 am
M_IML DIAMOND, Ganei Tikva, Other
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great :) your french is flawless...hahaIi was kind of shocked when I saw the title. Like your writing style...keep going!