Did you know I like you?

March 27, 2008
Did you know I like you
You sit and ignore me
I try to talk to you
You act like I'm not there
I try to get you to notice me
But you look the other way
I scoot closer to you
But you push me away
I touch your hand
And you pull back
I start to walk away
And you start to laugh
I wonder why
You look away and start to cry
I walk to you
You look at the ground
I ask you what's wrong
And you turn away
I get annoyed
I guess that's what you wanted
I walk away
You stand up and yell
I love you girl
And I always have
You never did notice me
So I tried not to notice you
I started to laugh
Because it reminded me
Of when I first saw you
I started to cry
Not because I'm sad
But they were tears of joy
Because my wish came true
I wished upon a shooting star
And now you show up
Here you are
As soon as I give up
As soon as I think
I will never have a chance
With the one I embraced
Ever since the day I saw you
I've watched from afar
And I've wished
Wished upon a shooting star
The same shootingstar
That fly's high in the sky
That's the brightest of them all
Because it reminded me
Reminded me of someone
Someone special
Someone like you
And someone I like
Now wonight I only wish
For this moment to never end
Because I never want to leave
Leave without saying I love you
So now as I lover my voice
I want you to know
That I never want to see you go
I only want to be with you
And forever be saying I love you

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