March 27, 2008
By Victoria Smith, Woods Cross, UT

Falling in a spiral motion
Forgetting all sense of time as light quickly fades
Quite alone in crowded rooms, just remembering when I was with you
White walls, no detail
Blank stares, caving in
It all seemed too good to be true, and it was
Staring at the pictures of you and me, so happy
Everything’s changed
The pictures haven’t changed
No, you have
Lost among latest popularities
Found with self proclaimed kings and queens of the fashion industry
I don’t blame them; they were like that before, and always have been that way
But you, you were different once
You were real
You were exciting
You were caring
You were dare I say, mine
But all at once, not
Now I hear what you say
I see what you do
And I’ve come to realize,
I don’t know you.
You’re different
You’re gone
And everything that used to be you brings tears to my eyes
And acts like the wind as it blows the smile off my face
I find myself forgetting you
And then realize I can’t
Maybe I’ve just grown and left you behind.
I’ll remember who you were
In hopes that maybe, just maybe
One day you’ll come back
Even though, it seems so improbable now
I wish you would see how you’ve changed.
I’ll love you for who you were,
Who you could be again
And I’ll wish in the depth of my heart
That you think about me
That you think about what we used to be
And you’ll smile
If only for a moment
It all seemed too good to be true, and it was.

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