A Moment to Remember

October 6, 2011
By Roxanna BRONZE, Gardena, California
Roxanna BRONZE, Gardena, California
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Penmar Park
Early July the time all meshed together
The raw feelings still fresh in my body
We pull up to the park flowers, pictures, and the candles still alit upon the top rows of the belchers

Little kids playing a small game of baseball yelling and screaming to run but then looking at us as we slowly walk up the steps holding back our tears
People wondering around looking for something to pass their time trying not to look too precarious
The smell of meat being grilled by the sociable homeless that tell us how great and kind he was
The words they say make us feel that he was the type of kid that everyone wanted to call their friend

The scents of the candles hit my nose with the smell of sorrow
The aroma of the alcohol fill the air as the ocean breeze drifts our way
You feel the intensity that engulfs the fields, the surrounding houses, and the people that inhabit the park
I feel the eyes looking upon our backs speculating who we are and who he is to us

I feel the warm tears flow down my cheeks like a river
This being the last place my cousin was alive this is were his soul will roam makes them drop

The author's comments:
This piece is based on the first time i visited the place my cousin was taken from us.

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