What Lies Within

November 11, 2011
By AlexisTashe SILVER, Cheltenham, Maryland
AlexisTashe SILVER, Cheltenham, Maryland
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"You're Not Alive Unless You're Living"

I’m not crazy I swear
But most people don’t seem to care
All I’m trying to do is keep my sanity
But inside I can’t take it and I try so hard not to use profanity

They say everyone has a breaking point
My anger and my aggression becomes conjoint
One little thing can be said and I’m ready to fight
When do I calm down? Well that can take all night

No I’m not crazy but a psychiatrist would think otherwise
Because its just impossible for them to see the world in my eyes
So they probably have their assistant detail me in description
Lead me into their office and give me a prescription?

No I swear I’m not crazy at all
But sometimes the only way to release my anger inside of me is by punching holes in the walls
Like I told you before I swear I’m not insane
All I’m really trying to do is release this pain

I’m not crazy and I know this much is true
So don’t worry about me just worry about you
I’m not crazy as a matter of fact I’m perfectly fine
You have your ways of dealing with anger and I definitely have mine

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