The Defendant: Mother

March 27, 2008
You took off again
Leaving him like all the rest

You took off again
Thinking it’s for the best
What will you do?
What have you said?

It’s different in the end
You lost your cool
I lost my head

That’s all I need to know
You fought the cold
While I fought the snow

I watched the tears run down your face
You said, “No.”
As my mind went crazy again

Now it’s over
I took your place on the street
It’s my turn to freeze at night
I never thought I’d say, “Goodbye”
That’s when you left again

My eyes filled by dotted lines
The water is waiting
To try the slide down pale cheeks

I saw it coming
You were never reliable
You destroyed my hopes and dreams

I crashed on the bench that night
It all took me by surprise
I thought this was the end
What happened to my best friend?

Did she leave because of him,
Or because she was happier with that other man?
Did she forget about her baby girl?
She used to be her girl’s entire world
Did she think it over in time?
The little girl lost her sweet smile
Will we ever see it again?
Will she ever go back to him?

I never knew Mom to be so cruel
We all turned blue
Turned the darkest shade blue

She sits there contemplating
The darkest things to do
He never saw it coming
He took her and led her on home

That’s when Mom knew he was gone
She’s never going back again
She nothing but a teenage queen
Dramatic to the very end

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