Baby Sister

November 9, 2011
By Celtic_Buns94 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Celtic_Buns94 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My baby sister is wonderful
She's a blessing
It may not seem like it now,
but I'm truly grateful for her.
She's annoying like any other sibling,
but that's just routine.
Sometimes I wish she'd go away
and just leave me alone
But what kind of sister would I be,
to want her gone?

We fight like ordinary sisters.
Sometimes they go wrong...
When I lay a hand on her,
I feel two inches tall.
But that very night, we make amends,
and we're friends again.
My sister isn't a baby anymore.
But I miss those days.
I held her close to my heart,
I still haven't let her go

The author's comments:
Instead of listening to my math teacher drone on, and on about her personal life, I got inspired to write a poem about my little sister. She just had surgery, and she was very strong and brave. So, I decided to dedicate this to her. I hope that people can relate to this poem with their little siblings, be it little brother or little sister.

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