Autumn Is Here Again

March 26, 2008
By scarlett gonzalez, Hilliard, OH

Autum is here again.
the trees aflame as,
sunlight breaks through,
summer my friend,
with your long nights,
grass so green, skys so bright,
I bid you a tearful farewell,
Until next year,
I'll tell the other seasons
you wish them well.
Harvest, school bell rings,
an echo in my memory,
a young girl I see,
smiling & free.
Lost among the tall grass,
she thanks the sun for
his light & warmth.
She thanks the wind for
its' calm current, cool & easy.
I revisit that tall grass,
the young girl chases butterflies,
she dreams under blue skies.
She is my innocence,
She is my past, my beginning.
Where did she go?
She crept away from me as I slept.
Taking with her the sun,
the skies & butterflies.
She takes the dreams,
Dawn breaks,
yellow, gold, red, brown & gray.
Colors of a lonley day.
So many dawns, so many moons,
so many minutes, too many tears.
Immpossible to recall smiles,
easy to count faces,
painful to measure tears.
I have lived,
I will continue to live.
Even these lonley days, awaiting
an answer, I will live.

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