Mirroring Your Peers

March 26, 2008
By Lagina Morse, Metcalfe, ZZ

I never really understood what happens in life,
I just sat back and did what everyone else did,
Because of this, poeple thought they knew me.
They didn't!
They only knew you because that's who I wanted to be.
Once I tried to be myself.
You laughed.
You said hurtful things.
I didn't care so I continued to be me,
I dressed how I wanted to dress,
I acted how I wanted to act.
Then you started to dress like me,
And then I knew,
You made fun of me because you were insecure.
You were trying to be someone else as well.
I won't make fun of you the way you made fun of me.
I understand your confusion.
Instead don't be me,
Be yourself!

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