November 4, 2011
She walks around looking at otheers, telling automatically what theey are feeling. Jealousy, mixed withe anger. They want to be just like her, perfect. But thee don't know whats underneathe..... They don't know how many times under theose shorts and jacket she is wishing to be in a bvb t-shirt and black skinny jeans. Not knowing she hasn't had a real best-friend since 5the grade when everytheing was so simple. Everyone theinks shes fine, but she really Inst. She's alone, scared, of what would happen in if theey found out. No one understands, no one See's thee true her not thee fake one she has made. She's hopeless. She wants to be herself again, not to be afraid of being called "emo". Just herself, but theat just wont happen.

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