Runaway Princess

March 25, 2008
Standing on the steps
In a long pearly blue gown
She manages to fake a smile
As she makes her way down
Her dad keeps his eye on her
We watches her, proud

She goes down farther
Down to her people
Down to her responsibility

Collapses on the staircase
She drops to the ground
She hides her flushed face
With the silky slip of her gown
And she cries
“Daddy, Daddy I can’t do it. I can’t rule the town.
I can’t take it.
I can’t take the crown.”

The crowd stands speechless
Her dad—flabbergasted
Guilt and misery flush over her face
She knows she’s let many down

She can’t take it
She couldn’t do it
All the pressure and the mess
She fled for the door
And nobody’s seen her since

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