My Friend Gina

March 25, 2008
My friend Gina was a special girl
Always smiling, she was
A light in a dark world

Every Tuesday and Thursday we
Would swim, she grabbed my hand, clenched onto it
I held it tight
Walking into the cold water she would always
Laugh,like a sweet sound of
A baby’s play

She was a special girl
And unlike most people I liked her from the start
She had Angel-Mint-Syndrome
That’s what made her different
From the rest of us, but
It didn’t matter that she was unable to talk or walk,
I loved her and she loved me
When I went to her house we would splash in her pond,
We would kayak, swim, dance, and play
All day!

One day that all changed,
On February 18, 2006
She passed away

Today she’s not forgotten
She’s still my light,
The sound of her laughter
Still in my ears

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