Glass Ceiling

March 24, 2008
By Sylvan Tsai, New City, NY

There's a town on the edge of Winter Harbor
Will you meet me there tomorrow night?
We'll sit and laugh and pretend that everything's okay
But we know: things will never be that way

There's a place you once called Sunrise Palace
On the other side of the glass ceiling
You'll sit and cry and remember beautiful days
But you know: you have fallen from grace

There was a time I thought would be a Golden Age
Do you remember that blissful time?
I'd sit and smile and think that everything might be okay
But I know: things didn't turn out that way

But we will meet on the edge of Winter Harbor
Looking through the glass
And it's too goddamn bad
That we lost everything we had

We've grown up and grown apart
We're not the people we were
We've changed with time, bled and cried
Watched as ignorance died

And we will still mourn for everything we lost:
Innocence and hope
It doesn't matter what we've been told:
'Cause we couldn't stay gold

I guess we were never gold

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