Spartans Are the Most Bamfin' Dudes Ever

March 24, 2008
By Tad D'Agostino, Park City, UT

Spartans are the most bamfin’ dudes ever
They can spear a head from 5 miles away
The Persian once ruled the land forever
Until the 300 made them all pay
Crazy zurxies thought he could win the fight
Zurxies offerd him tons of shiny gold
Killing the Persians gave them much delight
Seeing the Spartans made their blod run cold
Immortals thought they where untouchable
Zurxies sat on a gaint golden throne
The Spartans achieved the imposible
When the spear hit him he gave a great moan
Though all the 300 Spartans diéd
The stores of them will stick in our head

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