You Let Him Leave

March 24, 2008
Your friends been drinking
but you let him leave
He wont reck
thats one in a million people
That wont happen to him
as he drives away
you walk inside
you dont turn back
you dont think twice
you go straight to sleep
unaware of whats about to happen
It was just a few drinks
hes going down the road
his speeds about seventy five
he's swerving a little
but to buzzed to relize
as the booze sits in
just a little bit more
he gets dizzy
and closes his eyes for a second
but in that second
he falls asleep
around the curve
the car flips compleatly
and hes not buckled into his seat
as the car flips around
he lands on his neck
it kills him almost instantly
while all this happens
your tucked in your bed fast asleep
you'll never see your friend again
all because you let him leave
he lost his life
and god doesnt blame you
but you will always remember
and you will always regret
that one little thing
you will always be the one
the one who let him leave.

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