The Hideout

March 24, 2008
By Katie Dahl, Eau Claire, WI

Two summers ago, on a blazing hot day
My friend and I were in her woods
We were looking for adventure
A secret world where we could hangout

Both of us decided to build a fort
I felt like I was in kindergarten again
I was sharing secrets and telling stories
About my memories from the past

The day was growing thin
When we heard her mom’s voice
She was yelling our names loud and clear
Telling us to come inside

We had fun times in that fort
We laughed and told stories all day long
But, did you know the fort wasn’t real?
It was all just really in our heads

We had thought of this fort
In our heads but it didn’t exist
It was all in our minds but
Not in the woods

We left the fort there in the woods
But grasped the memories
And took them with us
Forever and ever

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