Love In The Sunshine

March 23, 2008
I fell in love at sunset
I was glad my day ended with you
Our walks never made me tired
And you kept the rain from making me blue

Being up all night on the phone
I never wanted to hear our goodbyes
I missed your voice as I tried to sleep
I saw you everytime I closed my eyes

Out of every boy I knew
You were always the best
Other guys never stayed in my mind
They were quickly gone with every breath

But tonight as I wait for the sun
I had hoped it already came
So my day was closer to being over
And I was closer to forgetting your name

I walk but I don't know where I'm going
And all the rain does is pour
The dark storm clouds never go away
I wish I had noticed them before

I don't answer the phone most of the time
I don't care to see who has called
I think of you when it's done ringing
I wonder if you do the same at all

I keep a lot of boys around me
Slowly they will help me replace
All the memories I keep thinking of
And they'll help me forget your face

Tomorrow maybe I'll wake up
And I won't notice if you walk by
But until tomorrow comes
I'll stare at this sunset and cry

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