I loved us

November 1, 2011
What is real love about?
I ask you with doubt

Do you really need someone in you life?
Cause there is no one with me and I realize
That I need someone that I can make my wife
Someone who does not need to tell lies

I regret what I did but how
Can you forget what we meant
I know a sorry isn’t enough
What can I do to make another chance?
If you don’t want to see me not even a glance

I hope you give me an opportunity
To show what you mean to me
I’m so close to your skin
But so far from your heart
I feel I was lost on some part

I want you back I didn’t realize what I really lost
I admit my errors but do I really have to pay this cost??
I will do everything in for you
And I just need one thing from you

Say yes and you wont regret you decision
Cause regretting is the worst than having an incision
And if I ever have an incision it’s going to be for you that’s my decision
And my love is yours to keep you can throw it away that is your decision

But don’t forget that especial time we had
In the house of the friend you had
Watching a movie that I didn’t want to see
The only thing that I wanted was you and me
We held hands it was like a dream to me
But now a long time has passed and that memory became history....

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