The Way It Feels

November 1, 2011
As your time comes near
you will get nervous.
No matter how much
you try to prepare.

This year, I'm third out of five.
Thank the Lord
I'm not first,
as I was once before.

First one goes and I'm still calm,
waiting my turn
as she prances around.

Next one up,
my time is approaching
will I do good?
Or completely blow it.

Taking deep breaths,
knowing how it goes.
If I get too nervous,
It won't be fun.

I start to shake,
knowing her turn is almost over.
I panic on the inside,
trying to look calm on the outside.

The music stops
and I walk up to the edge.
Where I wait
until the judge signs.

I walk six steps in,
take my starting place
and wait to begin.

I start out strong
knowing I can do it.
I want to beat everyone,
including myself.

Running and jumping,
twisting and turning,
this is what I live for.

The music stops
and my turn is over.
Now I'm wishing
it was a little longer.

The judge holds up the score
and I can't help but smile.
I have beat myself.
That's all that matters.

This is the feeling I love.
The reason, I am,
a gymnast.

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