we all have struggles

October 31, 2011
By Anonymous

We all have Struggles
Have you ever had a struggle in life and thought that you had no one to turn to? I have. I’ve struggled with family, but mostly with my friends and its part of life. It brought my friends and I to understand each other and it also brought us closer. This experience taught me that in life everyone struggles.

During the school years, seventh to ninth grade I’ve had many struggles with friends; it was due to us being jealous, trying to fit in, or being too insecure about ourselves. For instance, I had a friend that was always so insecure about herself; I talked to her so she could think positively about herself because I didn’t want her to go crazy. As days went by, she felt much better because I was a great friend and helped her. In addition, I had a struggle, but the pain was different than what my friend went through. I always thought that I had no one to really talk to or trust. I wanted to talk to someone that would have all ears open for me. Not talking to anyone made me feel very depressed. I thought about going to a teacher but I always told myself that teachers wouldn’t understand how a student felt. Thinking about the situation for days made my depression get worse. The pain hurt like a deep paper cut because finding someone to talk to was very difficult. As a couple more days passed by a kind friend took the time to talk to me. She told me that everyone has struggles in life and that expressing my feelings was okay. So all the built up pain would slowly broke down. Talking to her made me happy because I had the chance to express my feelings and I also found a teacher to talk to so it made me feel even better.

In conclusion, talking to that one friend and teacher made feel a lot better. We all have our ups and downs which is perfectly normal. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone when you need to. I also realized that in life, we have many struggles.

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