Free fall

November 6, 2011
By Yamiblyden BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Yamiblyden BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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I push them away when they try and get to know me
because i know that in the end they will always hurt
me maybe I'm a little paranoid and over the top
but I’d rather be lonely then have a broken heart

id rather not experience the joy cause after comes the pain

i guess what I'm saying is

i’ll be the bench warmer of the game

sitting on the sidelines giving advice when needed

but never to much cause then they’ll need me

and when the star player returns then they’ll leave me
wait a while till again they say they need me

and i’ll come running like some kind of feen

And as soon as i feel secure then the high wears off

and i


but to me it feels like some sort of freefall

and i dont notice i’ve been let go

till the crowds all gone

and there's no one there to catch me
i dont notice that they didn't care till they all left me
so i’ll sit on the bench that's a metaphor for you

i’ll sit and i’ll watch and give some

but not my all

because im to afraid to mistake this for a free fall

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