Coward's Anthem

March 22, 2008
By Dana Ries, Danville, CA

Cowards of the world unite! Destroy the globe’s thin veneer,
And quiver no longer, in black shadow corners,
Beaten down-empty with fright.
Use your fearful sly tactics, your shifty-eye notes and remarks.
To grind, make it rough as sandpaper.
Destroy the gold gilded—the prideful are fake!

…what use is courage anyway?

They speak with forked tongues, spin spiderweb tales
That coil and wind into long, twisted knots.
Flat, unblinking eyes, look but never see,
Thinking they know, understand, comprehend;
Feeling they are close to the earth-

They are not!

So all you shy, trembling, moles who tunnel below,
Raise your heads; confront the bright sun!
Reveal the secrets of the musky, moist soil
That only a coward can know.
All you dirt dwellers unite! Unite! And show them the way,

That only you know!

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