March 22, 2008
By Jennica Quintal, Mountain Home, ID

I wanted to let you know that no matter what I say or do that i will always love you, and most of the time I do not mean to offend you.

Im sorry that what I do makes you cry or sad inside.

Im sorry for making you believe that all you were was my door stamp I hope I never make you feel that way again.

I wish we were as close as we were a couple a years ago. It seems like those days just flew out the window.

When you talk about your childhood it does make me sad inside, that we cant be as close as you were with your mother, although it was different then than now.

I want you to be proud as of me as your mother must have been of you Im sorry Im probably not hte nicest I can be or the best that I should be as a daughter to you, but i will try harder.

Im sorry for all the secrets i kept from you I wouldnt have, however I just scared.

I hope we can spend more time with each other while we still have it.

I will always love you no matter what obstacle comes our way.

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