Missing You

March 21, 2008
You fall in and out of my mind like a ghost of the past
Over and over again, I can’t shake you or erase you
The days we spent never leave my memories
You’re a staple in my mind, unable to fade
I’m missing you more then ever now
Everything reminds me of you and everything we were
Too many words left unspoken, too many truths unnoted
I miss you, I can’t take the time back
And it burns a hole inside of me
I wish I could see you now, whisper those words I never said
Those moments when I held back, I regret
I wish you could’ve known what I was feeling inside
All of those thoughts racing my mind
I’m missing you and it’s making it impossible
to make it through a single day or moment
I can’t forget you or us or those moments we had
It’s etched in me a like a permanent mark
That will never leave or ease

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