One Man in All Those Men

March 21, 2008

Sitting alone in the cold, stiff chair,
I sit, gaze, and stare-
He embraces her with such pride;
She’s his little girl, he’s always by her side.

I wonder what it’s like to possess
But I’ve never known, I must confess
He leans in to hold her oh, so dear
He’s all hers, he’ll always be near

Rolling my eyes, I pretend to forget
What it was like before this debt.
They are parting briefly now, but she knows he’ll be back;
Each other’s love is something that they’ll never lack

I stop and take a look around
Duo’s like them are what surround
I am different; I no longer hold his key
This was the life chosen for me

I tried so hard through all these years,
Through all of these trifling tears,
To be all I thought you need,
But no longer is this the life I can lead.

My head spins and twirls
I twist my frosty hair around my finger to a curl
Why do I sit and hope for it to come?
My feelings inside make me go numb

My alarm rattles my brain
The lack of sleep hung on me with pain
I roll out of bed and on with the day
I’ve gotten used to why it doesn’t stay

I really do like Green Eggs and Ham
I used to really like to read with you Sam,
We read with Sam and knew he would try
Too bad now Sam has had to say goodbye

Days go by as I grow,
Time flies faster than the wind can blow.
But now you leave so quick;
Our bond no where near as thick.

I no longer watch Sesame Street’
My music now a different beat;
You are off in another place,
Too far for me to see your face.

If you really knew who I am inside,
You’d know that it has long since died.
I don’t know how much more I can take,
The person I see in you is fake.

Can you not see that little girl you had?
Or was I just another fad?
I’m tired of all you put me through
I’m sick of trying to start anew

You make very brief calls
While I still march down those high school halls
If you only saw what I’ve done
I just wish you paid more attention to your son

I often think about what is bad and good
I’d stop and tell you if I really could
Our relationship is so very broken
Too bad our words are never spoken

Recall the day we rocked out with Seger?
I was excited and eager
You were that guy that you always should have been
You were just one man in all those men

I’ve always been here-
You’ve always been my biggest fear.
I did not want to let this go,
Yet you still say you love me so.

You’re supposed to let me dance on your shoes:
I’m the one who is supposed to choose
If you go or if you stay-
It’s not supposed to be this way.

But here and now, its poured out like rain.
I’ve let my tears wash down the drain.
I’ll be the one with unlimited space;
I’m the one to save the human race.

I don’t really know if I’ll ever see
The relationship I want this to be,
But its okay, I guess I understand
That you’re life is sinking into quick sand

I’ll grow older with the years,
Through the laughter and the tears
You’ll see my light in the night,
And soon wish you hadn’t put me out of sight.

I used to use you for my blame .
I know the truth behind your shame-
No one can change who you are
As each day comes, you go so far.

She whispers to him; she has something to tell:
I never had these moments, you only know how to yell.
He smiles and hugs her, she’s got it all-
Not for me, it was always a brawl.

I can move on, I don’t need to speak.
I no longer try so hard to seek
Something that will never exist-
Something that I will learn to resist

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