I'm Writing You This Letter...

March 21, 2008
I'm writing you this letter
i dont know what to say
i have so many things on my mind so hopefull i'l find a way

i'll start by telling you your amazing
and you mean alot to me
and without you in my life
i dont know where i'd be

do you know i miss you
i havnt seen you for quite a while
i miss all of the fun we had
i miss just seeing your smile

im writing you this letter
i sitll dont know what to say
i know your probally wishing
that i would go away

i've tried and tried to stop writing
but something inside me is screaming no
its saying that if i dont tell you now
then you'll never know

i'm scared i wont get another chance
to tell you exactly how i feel
so i'm telling you now
so you'll know its real

i'm still writing you this letter
because something wont let me go
i still dont know what to tell you
and im sure i will never know

i havnt got to the point of this yet
i havnt found a place to start
i just keep rambling on
with whats in my heart

ou inspire me to do whats right
and keep me from doing whats wrong
all this time you never knew
you are the one who kept me strong

im still sittinh here writing
and i havnt got a clue
but i cant put this down
because i am far from through

all those times i talked to you
and i seemed to be alright
all those times you never knew
a cried myself to sleep at night

but now all of this is over with
ive started over and im free
you really have no idea
what you have done for me

im writing you this letter
because i dont know what else to do
but when i think about heroes
i only think of you

true heroes are the ones we keep close
the ones we couldnt live without
the ones who touch our hearts
your mine wihtout a doubt

thanks for making me realize
that i can really do a lot
if i just get out there and go
give it all ive got

im done writing you this letter
but i hope i made it clear
that i love you very much
and really need you here

i started writing you this letter
to help me make it throught the strife
to bad you didnt know it
but you just saved me life

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