March 21, 2008
By Lauren Park, Lehi, UT

Pushing Northward
Through the rubble.
Finding lastly stars
at Twilight.
They fall like rain
but never hit.
Wrap your arms
around yourself.
Watch the eternal rampage.

Whispering trees
tell hidden secrets.
Moons dance
vertically across the world.
Wind blows randomly,
crying out its vice.
Moonlit hills
roll endlessly away.
Forest Floor breaths
in rhythm,
in, out; in, out.

Your hair whips
across your face.
The ground beneath
you crumbles.
Reach out and hold on,
you will not fall.

Blue lightning cracks,
breaking from the stars.
Mist swirls
out of the mountain peaks,
Keeping things unseen.

The path ahead is foggy,
dark spots are thrown about.
But stars light up
the darkest night,
And you continue walking.

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