We Are Always Waiting

March 18, 2008
We are always waiting,
But that doesn’t make any sense,
Bad times linger; leaving us hating,
We hate the time when everything isn’t right,
We hate the time when the good is out of sight,
We hate the time, when we can’t be ourselves,
But why don’t we take this time, to learn how to be someone else?

We wait for all this hating to be over,
Wondering if were going to make it,
Giving it all, everyday, just to fake it,
All this trouble is caused by waiting,
Waiting to move on,
Waiting to live,
Waiting to graduate,
Is a life spent waiting, great?
Or am I just another pawn in fate?
I know I can make it, because all I know is myself,
But you see, I am worried about someone else,
Someone I can’t control, whose actions lie with fate,

I am sad to say, all I can do is wait.

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