A struggle from within.

October 30, 2011
These thoughts I have conceived towards you,
I've truly thought them through.
Bound by the hope of years ago,
I'll never be able to let you go.
Forever branded throughout my heart,
Are the pieces of me you've torn apart.
But eventually as the hours passed,
I never allowed my pain to last.
Because the truth lies behind my pain-filled eyes.
And maybe it's this fear of resentment
That leaves me unable to repent.
So instead I suffocate myself
And constantly jeopardize my health,
By means of such addictive behavior.
Though, no one can be my savior.
Each day without you is still a struggle within,
Just to understand how rapidly misery could win.
But sooner than later I'll accept what has become of us.
And maybe then, I'll once again allow my heart to trust.

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