Best Friends

March 17, 2008
By Ashley Lax, Stafford, TX

Best friends, pratically sisters, is what we used to be.
Never let the games, the other people get in between.
Always conversating,talking about what we wanted to do with our lives.
12 years old and always talking about guys.
You were my friend, when things went wrong, I only called on you.
I trusted you with my hard times, to pull me through.
Can't lie, of course I was jealous of you.
You were the one with the body and the styles to choose.
But I didn't let the thought so you get the best of me.
I knew you and I being bestfriends was destiny.
Always feelin bad for you because you were adopted.
Ms. Sadie took you under her wings, now you try to top it.
So I took you in as a sister of mine, even though I didn't have to.
You were always a member of my family, we always loved you.
We went through everything together, always holding hands.
In kindergarden is where it all began.
Remember you came over and asked me to come over, you were having a birthday party.
I was so excited just to go, I knew you hardly.
Then there was elementary school, always happened to have the same class.
Then middle school, I should've known we wouldn't last.
You got kicked out so we happened to be in separate schools.
That was the start of a game that I would always lose.
You continued to get locked up and I blame myself for that.
I wasn't there for you as much as I should have.
Then you went out with my ex, that got my temperature rising.
I wasn't over the boy yet, my feelings for him were hiding.
We stopped talking for weeks, months at a time.
I started disclaiming you as a sister, I wanted you out of my life.
Weeks turned into months, months into years.
I'm sixteen now, and never talking to you again is my biggest fear.
I can't lie, many times I've tried to find you.
But living on different sides of the country now, makes it hard for me to do.
I guess all I can do now is sit back and reminence on all of the wonderful times we had.
And hope and pray to God that we'll be reunited even if I have to give up everything.
Because you're no longer with me makes me miserable and sad.

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