Truth is

October 25, 2011
Won't let me talk
That's why I'm silent
Won't let me walk
That's why I crawl
Won't let me stand on my own
That's why I fall
You do everything for me
But you make me feel weak
You talk for me
Like I can't speak
Make me feel helpless
Like I need you
But truth is
I'm better off without you

Truth is
I can speak my OWN mind
Truth is
I do it all the time
I can stand on my own
Not afraid to stand alone.
Truth is
I don't need you or anybody else
Trying to tell me what to do
Trying to tell me how to act
And Who to be
Because truth is
I can only be me
I'm independent
I take care of myself
And honestly
I don't need anyone else

You think you own me
Truth is
You don't
You think I'm gonna let you control me
Truth is
I won't
You try to change me
You think it's okay
But I refuse to comply
I refuse to obey
I refuse to be your puppet
I refuse to play your game
I refuse to let you change me
Because I refuse to be the same

Truth is
I am NOT the same
Different is what I am and that's never gonna Change
I am happiness
I am laughter
I am harmony
I am fun and free
But best of all
I am me.

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