Aunt Kim

March 16, 2008
By Amanda Moore, Venetia, PA

It was August 13, 2007

A week before, Aunt Kim went to heaven

My sister’s birthday was the next day

She was so sad about it that she couldn’t play

Aunt Kim was nice and funny

Her personality was very sunny

Even when she got cancer for the second time

She wasn’t angry when God took her out of her prime

But after three years, it became too much

All of our lives, she did touch

Most of her stories were about Kim the princess

And how she would always get herself out of a mess

However, that hot August sun

Made the princess’s life done

She died in her husband’s warm arms

Knowing she wouldn’t have any more harms

The date of the funeral was set

We all went to pay our debt

It was all so sad

But surprisingly, it was not too bad

She moved to a better place

Somewhere beyond the human race

In our dreams and memories she will stay

So that we can remember her from day to day

-Amanda Margaret Moore

Summer Fantasy

The ocean talking very loud

In the sky, not a single cloud

Just a magnificently shining yellow sun

Sandcastles everywhere, tokens of children’s fun

Sand, warm above, cool beneath

CRASH go the waves above the coral reef

When digging, praying there will be no jabs,

by very angry little crabs

Breathing in the salty sea air

Makes for a life without a care

Little beach homes in the distance

Their owners’ lives on the path of least resistance

Footprint marks in the sand

Of couples walking hand in hand

These joyous times within our reach

Here we go, to the beach

-Amanda Margaret Moore

My Lifetime

Going to Bethany Beach

Somewhere not out of reach

Every summer of my life

This goes on without strife

9/11 was worst of all

Watching the Twin Towers fall

The Iraq War was not far behind

Peace there, we must find

My dog, Duster, dies 2003

However, he is still with me

2 years later, along came my new dog, Mickey

Another 2 years, and Steelers had Super Bowl victory

Getting my braces off was a day to remember

It was only just this last September

Hurricane Katrina was even worse yet

It was as bad as bad can get

I won a swimming award for participation

While my sister won one for coach relation

After Mayor Bob O’Connor passed away

Myron Cope ceased to live another day

When Harry Potter 7 came out

Everyone was all about

At midnight, I got my Harry Potter 7

Afterwards, Aunt Kim went to Heaven

Virginia Tech had a shooting

For that cause, no one was rooting

If this is how life normally goes

What will happen next, nobody knows

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