A Global Warning

March 16, 2008
The ice moves on,
a trudging herd of many giants,
trying to find their way home.
But no matter how far they walk,
no matter how high they climb,
they still melt away,
hindered by technology
and the greedy wired hands.
The metal cuts,
while the frost can’t slice,
and you cannot save,
the melting ice.

You reach to touch the frozen blocks,
but your fire would surely burn what is left.
The hands of humanity still clutch at the statues,
cold and lifeless to the naked eye,
their heat thawing the crystal palaces.
The core, the liquid center of the frozen water,
burns with the flaming passion attributed only
to star-crossed lovers.
The chrome digs deep
which seems enough to suffice,
that they can tell you,
to neglect the melting ice.

With the gas rising
and the ultra rays caged,
they are trapped around our sphere.
The sphere, the circle, now blue and green,
but changing.
Soon grey and black,
“the colors of modernization, and the coming future.”
Or so they say, for can we believe what is told to be right?
The death of our planet,
will be the final price
if we don’t stop
the melting ice.

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